Criminal law defines criminal acts and the appropriate criminal sanctions. It also regulates the procedure of authorities involved, so that the criminal acts are appropriately established and the perpetrators are justly punished.

Are you a suspect or a defendant in a criminal suit?

Have you been ordered to testify?

Have you been affected by a criminal offence?

Do you need to report a criminal offence?

Do you need to file an appeal?


Our company provides all legal services related to criminal law, particularly counsel and further legal advice both before and in court. We provide our services to both adult and juvenile offenders.

If you have been ordered to testify, contact us – you won’t stand alone against experienced investigators.

If the offence has caused you damages, you have the right to sue for compensation. Our lawyers have extensive experience representing victims of criminal offences as well.

If you are considering filing a complaint, do not hesitate to contact one of our lawyers. In doing so, you will eliminate any likelihoodfor improper definition and a potential counter suit for false accusation.

Our lawyers will prepare a proper and correct petition, regardless of it being an appeal, complaint, review or any other type.