Intellectual property rights regulate creations, inventions and unique products of human creativity. Given their immaterial nature, any items deemed worth protecting by society can be an object of intellectual property.

Do you wish to grant someone a licence to use your photography, video, database or computer program

Are you unsure about the nature of an exclusive or non-exclusive licence?

Have you created a unique product design and do you wish to protect it?

Do you need to register a trademark?

Do you not have enough money for a patent, but still wish to protect your invention?

Are you looking for a lawyer to represent you before the Industrial Property Office?


Our company has extensive experience with licences for unique creations, including literary works, art or scientific inventions.

When granting a licence you have to consider the extent to which your intellectual property may be used. We will advise you how to draw the license so that you do not lose control over your intellectual property.

The law provides several ways by which to protect your unique products and their appearance. However, the best protection is provided to products and appearances registered with the Industrial Property Office. Our company can help you to secure this protection.

We can also help you check whether your unique graphic designation is not already being used. If not, any designation made of words, letters, numbers, colours, drawings or shapes of the product or its packaging can be registered as a trademark.

A patent does not constitute the only protection for a unique technical solution. Your invention can be protected in a simpler, faster and less costly way. This is called an utility design.