Administrative law regulates social relations arising from public administration. It defines the operation of the state, region or municipality authority and its extension.

Are you being accused of an infringement or administrative offence?

Have you received a radar recorded speeding ticket?

Are you seeking a building permit or related documentation?

Do you need to deal with the State Administration of Land Surveying and Cadastre?

Has a public institution refused to convey information?

Are you a municipality and in need legal advice on your separate field of action?


Our company provides any and all legal services related to administrative law, especially legal counsel for dealing with local authorities or the police. These services are for both adults and juveniles.

Our lawyers have extensive experience with construction law and provide full services when dealing with the construction administration authority. We will provide the required documentation for a building permit request, requests for changes, an announcement of use, approval of the building for use or announcement of intent to remove the building.

When dealing with the municipality regarding the field of action, please note that you have a constitutional right to legal counsel in all dealings with the authorities. Our company is ready to help with any matter.

If you are interested in the operation of a public institution, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you with the appropriate request for information. If your request is being refused, we can also help with filing an appeal or, if need be, an administrative suit.

We already provide services to various municipalities. Thanks to that we have extensive experience in solving problematic situations that municipalities deal with, including support providers.