Labour laws regulate the relations between employers and employees, collective relations related to work, labour conditions and health protection.

Do you need a new contract of employment or need to introduce some changes to an existing one?

Are you terminating an employee’s contract?

Has your contract been unjustly terminated?

Have you not received your salary or severance pay?

Is the employer claiming damages?

Are you being sued by a former employee?


Our company has extensive experience preparing contracts of employment, contracts of services, contracts for work, defining the terms of employment, severance, immediate terminations, revocations from management positions or the employer honouring the employment in case of invalid dismissal or termination of employment.

Correctly defined dismissal is a basic premise for successfully terminating an employee’s contract. Do not underestimate such situation -let our lawyers do the necessary research to prove that the dismissal is firmly anchored in one of the listed legal reasons.

In the event that you consider your dismissal unjust and, in fact, illegal, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will ascertain the whole situation and prospectively submit a motion for invalidation of the dismissal and an announcement that the employee wishes continue employment. In such cases the employer must provide the unpaid salary.

If the employee caused the employer damages, it must be proved that the employee has violated his or her obligations through course of work, or an agreement of liability or written notice of entrusting tools, protective tools or clothing and other similar things must be provided. If one of the above is missing, you can effectively protect yourself.

We also represent our clients in court and before authorities and public institutions.