Commercial law regulates the relations between business people and sets up rules for the establishment, operation and expiry of companies. Exchange law sets up rules for using legal notes as guarantee institution.

Do you need to prepare or check a commercial contract or bili of exchange?

Do you need terms and conditions for your online store?

Are you founding an association or company?

Are you registering a new trade?

Are you changing the founding documents, partnership contract or by-laws?

Are you fending off  illegal competition?

Are you being sued or are you trying to sue someone?


Our company has extensive experience preparing most forms of necessary documentation or, alternatively, we can walk you through a contract provided by the other party.

Don’t try to sign a contract for each trade, have terms and conditions in place instead. If you run an online store, let our lawyers check whether your existing terms and conditions abide by valid civil code.

We provide complete services for clients setting up a new business, including a notary, general meeting, registering of regulated trade, franchise or craft and listing in a Commercial Register. Our company further provides seamless changes to partnership contracts and founding documents.

We will help to protect you in case a competitor spreads false information about you or your products, imitates your products or logos or divulges trade secrets.

As for exchange law we provide any and all types of notes, transfer to different owners, services related to legal counsel regarding legal notes and all research and analysis in a matter related to notes and drafts.

We also represent our clients in court and before arbitration tribunals or public institutions in general.