Civil law regulates the mutual rights and obligations of persons within civil relations. Privacy laws protect dignity, freedom and other natural rights.

Do you need to draw up a contract?

Are you selling a house, an apartment or other property?

Are you considering a divorce and division of common property?

Do you need to settle child custody or alimony?

Has someone violated your privacy or honour?

Are you being sued or are you trying to sue someone?


Our company has extensive experience preparing most forms of necessary documentation or, alternatively, we can walk you through a contract provided by the other party.

Our lawyers can handle your property purchase or sale and all related agenda, including easements, specific property contracts or pledges of collateral security.

We possess long term experience with family law, including marriage and divorce with a foreign national or in a foreign country, division of common property, custody, support and contact with children or adoption.

Protect yourselves when someone violates your privacy, family life or exploits your name. Our company can help you rectify such violations and claim appropriate satisfaction.

We also represent our clients in court and before arbitration tribunals or public institutions in general.