A public tender is a purchase of goods, work or services by a state, municipality or an organisation founded by them or any other organisation spending public money.

Are you a principal public employer and need to file a public tender?

Do you have trouble deciding what to make public?

Do you wish to apply for a public tender?

Have you received subsidies and will be buying goods, construction or any other services?

Has the subsidy provider started control proceedings?

Are you a party in administrative proceedings before the Office for the protection of competition?


Our company has long term experience with helping public institutions file public tenders. The process of choosing a provider of services is legally complicated, but the success of any project depends on it, especially projects from European subsidies receivers.

The public tender act requires an excellent knowledge of the whole process. It is often difficult to adhere to the non-discrimination and fair approach policy. When defining the requirements and conditions for all applicants it is therefore recommended to seek expert advice.

Even if you are already being investigated or audited, you can still contact us for legal advice. Our lawyers are experienced in both the administrative procedure and control process of the auditors and can recommend further action, which can in effect save you money by preventing penalties or fines.